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Seattle, WA


We are able to decrease our utility bills after the intelligent technician from this good company fixed our heating units. He gave us further tips as well to keep our heating system healthy and working in a good condition.

- Boony Bells​

They helped us at controlling the indoor flooding from our broken pipes. They were experienced plumbers and didn’t panic at all like us. We thank them highly for all of their non stop hard work. This company have the best and perfect staff.

- Joe Mane

All our problems of low water pressure in the taps and few leaks or dripping points got fixed by the plumbers from this company. They finished our plumbing repairs in time as per our demands. Recommended to those who have pipes with leaks.

- Teryl Blake

After having a fault in our electrical control panel all our lights went off. This company got us an extremely expert electrician to check what’s the matter on an urgent basis. We thank them for they got us help immediately on such a short notice.

- Wella Rodney

The workers who came to repair our furnace were very friendly and jolly. They asked us to fence around the outer unit of our furnace as our pet was damaging it and it was the reason why this situation arrived. Wish to thank them a lot.

- Bob Grey

When my regular plumber saw the growing mold on one of our walls he checked the pipeline maps to confirm if it was a plumbing issue. On his advice we started the repairs work immediately and found punctures in the pipes. Thanks to our plumber.

​- Charlie O’Kelly​

The freon level of our heating system were low. This company refused our request to just refill it and made us understand why a further inspection is important to look for a gas leak. They were reasonable so we got to leak fixed and felt happy.

- Bill Smith​

The electricians they provide are always on time and fix every problem properly in a systematic way. They are well dressed on service visits and have good tools to work as well. We will hire them again from this company as they are the best.

- Katie Preston​

The look of our place have improved tremendously after they got us the new lights set. These electricians are jewels to this company seriously. We like their behaviour as well towards us. Do hire them for a modern and fantastic electrical work.

- Florence Marlee

The plumbers from this company are all-rounders. They advise us for the best options among all unlike others. This company is perfect and they hire the cream plumbers in the entire location. Recommend them to all and I assure satisfaction.

- James Flake​