When To Put Your Wrench Down And Contact A Professional Plumber

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You use your wrench like household superhero, taking extreme satisfaction in your capability to deal with plumbing problems with easiness. However, there comes time when the best DIYers also have to swallow their own pride, put the wrench down, and contact the professional plumber.
Your Drains Don’t Drain
Drano did not work. Hence you plunged it and snaked it. You also busted out the special vinegar and baking soda mix. But still, your stubborn sink, shower or bathtub refuses to drain. What is the bottleneck? Grease or soap buildup is a very common reason, or it can be a foreign product lodged somewhere in pipes. An expert Plumber Seattle is best suitable to clear the pipes of all the three. They also will be able to decide if you’ve one among the following bigger issues:

  • Offset pipe. Over time, ground your home was built on shifts and settles. Old clay and concrete pipes move with this, and if these are forced upwards, then gravity will not take down the water as thought.
  • Invasive roots. Plants and trees roots tend to be attracted to oxygen, nutrients, and water flowing through the pipes, and if pipes are not watertight they could make their ways inside.

The Faucets Keep On Dripping
It is the drip which drives you nuts, plus is costing you money as well.
Consider yourself fortunate if your leakage is caused due to nothing more than corroded or torn washer. It’s a simple fix, however, it will not work out for all the faucets. You might have tried further DIY repairs to your cartridge, compression or ball faucets and if it still has not fixed the leakage, it is time to get in an expert plumber.
Another reason to ensure that you get that leakage fixed properly by a licensed and skilled plumber: it is very wasteful. While Sacramento drought might be over, still the Seattle encourages you to just cut back on your water use.
Your Toilet Don’t Flush
A popular bathroom plumbing issue which can be a very big issue if you have one toilet only in the house is the bowl which just will not budge. After trying thorough plunge, most of the DIYers will check such common causes:

  • The chain. A broken or disconnected chain cannot lift the flapper that causes toilet to flush. Readjust, reattach or replace that chain.
  • The flapper. A cracked, warped, or bent flush flapper, or valve, can stop it always from sealing water intake hole. Here, replacement is inexpensive and simple.
  • The tube. A cracked or loose overflow tube enables water inside, avoiding the tank from properly filling and flushing.

In case you have tried all the fast fixes without being successful, what next should you do? “It’s time to contact a professional plumber to fix your issues. There are lots of small problems a plumber can resolve without much financial strain or fuss.
Your Pipes Keep On Leaking
You have wrapped that leaking pipe with flex tapes; you have applied repair clamp, fitting compounds and joint fillers; still, the leakage persists. That is when you should know that it is time to call a professional to stop the leak permanently.
While the solution—probably involving replacing the length of pipes or their fittings—may look like the ideal DIY project, it could be a quite messy one. Other than the mess, you wish to ensure that the work is done properly. Sometimes the toughest work and the largest plumbing issues are best when left to the experts. DIY kitchen catastrophes and Botched bathroom jobs can end up costing you much more in long-run, therefore if you think that you might be getting over your head, call the experts.


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