Working Of Camera Video Inspection For Commercial Property’s Sewers

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Being business owners, you work is to ensure that you are doing the best possible job and providing quality products or services to your clients. However, if your business’s plumbing system isn’t working appropriately, it can stop your business.
Knowing the conditions of your pipes by regular maintenance and inspection can prevent an issue before it starts. But, if you are having sewer line problems, technicians using video cameras can easily peer into the pipes with the assistance of CCTVs and inspect them quickly for leaks, obstructions, blockage, roots growth or other problems that might be causing sewage backups or flooding at your business place.

Video Inspection of Sewer Pipes

To evaluate your commercial place’s sewer lines, a skilled technician will insert professional video cameras into your pipes and will assess the line through following steps:
Entry: Maximum businesses have cleanout port access present for their sewer lines and a technician can use this entry point to access your pipes. For properties which don’t have in-built insertion points, it’ll have to be made in order that sewer camera could be inserted in the pipe. It’ll require the Plumber Seattle to dig small hole to reach to pipe, and make small hole in pipe through which they need to insert their camera.
Insertion: Next is insertion of sewer camera in the pipe. The inspection camera is quite small and sends live feed to monitor/CCTV through fiber optic cable and that allows the plumber to view the inner of the pipes.
Examination: Since CCTV operator is completely watching it in real time, they are able to use camera to see everything when it makes its own way down the pipes from time it’s inserted. During the whole process, the plumbing specialists will be capable to find whether the pipes have slipped, are broken, or if they’re obstructed by the grease, globs of hair, or organic growth such as tree roots. The entire video is recorded in order that it could be reviewed for better determination of the sewer pipe problems.
Evaluation: Once a camera has run length of the pipes, then the video is reviewed fully and an recommendation will be made on how can you proceed. The sewer camera can spot a number of problems with your pipes, like:

  • Blockages and obstructions
  • Infiltration and collapsed sewer lines
  • Commercial cleanouts
  • Cracked/broken pipe
  • Corrosion
  • Offset joints
  • Drain lines
  • Pipe slippages
  • Root infiltration
  • Recessed taps
  • Service and commercial lateral

Commercial buildings which involve preparation or handling food have exclusive sewer problems. The sewer pipes could become clogged because of a sludge or grease buildup on the interior of pipes. While blockages may be caused by lack of proper maintenance and not a breakage necessarily in property, it happens more often in the food service facilities since use of vegetable matter, grease, and other foodstuffs going down the drains could cause clogs.
If the sewer pipes are blocked because of these types of problems, pressure washing your sewer lines can eradicate the issue by removing clogs caused by cooking waste, grease, hair, food oil, fibrous tree roots and food materials. When the service is done on a yearly basis, you must be able to run your business free from the threats of plumbing backing up as well as risking problems with health department.
The grease traps are one more big offender in the commercial kitchens and should be a component of your yearly preventative maintenance schedule. Inspection using a sewer camera here will provide you a clear image of the conditions of your pipes.


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